Georgis Apartments
Oia - Santorini

Georgis Apartments consist of 11 units, some with balconies and sunset view, in Finikia, near the quiet charming Oia. A beautiful swimming pool is featured in the centre of the complex and guests can also relax at the sun terrace enjoying the sunset. Free WiFi access is provided throughout.
Convenient location near Oia

Oia is at 600 metres, famous for its sunset and its narrow passageways, hosts a cultural centre, art galleries as well as the usual handicrafts, souvenir and jewellery shops. Staff can arrange excursions to the volcano, diving and wine making activities.

Map & location

Why book with us

Swimming Pool
Free Wi-Fi
Airport shuttle
Free parking
Family rooms
Traditional accommodation

All accommodation units are complete with kitchen or kitchenette with mini fridge and coffee and tea maker. Each is equipped with air conditioning, WiFi and TV. Free breakfast items, including organic products, are offered upon arrival and renewed daily.


Accommodation in Oia - Santorini

Rooms, studios and apartments
Εάν θέλετε να μείνετε μαζί με τους ντόπιους στο περιβάλλον τους, να περπατήσετε στους δρόμους όπου περπατούν, να δείτε και να ακούσετε τα παιδιά τους να παίζουν, να πηγαίνετε στα εστιατόριά τους (συνιστώ ανεπιφύλακτα το "Santorini Moy") και να έχετε την υπέροχη, φιλόξενη, οικογενειακή αίσθηση (σαν να βρίσκεστε με τον πιο αγαπημένο σας Έλληνα συγγενή) κάντε κράτηση τώρα. Ο Georgis και η Tania είναι τέλειοι οικοδεσπότες (ερώτηση: μπορώ να δανειστώ ένα σίδερο & μια σιδερώστρα Τάνια. Απάντηση: Όχι! .... εγώ θα σιδερώσω για σας). Υπέροχο πρωϊνό (γιαούρτι να πεθαίνεις). 15 λεπτά με τα πόδια από τον κεντρικό πεζόδρομο της Οίας. Τρελάθηκαν με τα 2 μικρά μας παιδιά και τα καλοδέχτηκαν. Εξαιρετική εμπειρία! Σας ευχαριστώ Georgis και Tania - θα ξανάρθουμε.
They brought breakfast to our room so we could get up at our own pace and enjoy breakfast in our private terrace whenever we felt like it, was lovely! Also nice blue arrows from the parking lot to lead us right to the apartment!
Donkey (the only donkey in that vicinity): although we felt bad about the donkey hauling our luggages, he is one good boy who loves getting his head scratched. We loved the staff there, very warming, considerate and thoughtful. They even rearranged my pajamas (was in a pile) in a cutest way possible. They also knew when we were in our balcony eating breakfast and gave us fruit salad. Don't know how they knew we were up already since we lived in suite with our own entrance.
Great view of the ocean! Staff was very kind and helpful! Breakfast was served every morning and was delicious!!
Best staf in Greece.
The apartment was nice and clean. The cleaners did a good job and changed the bedclothes every day.
An amazing staff. Great breakfast, very helpful. Truly a hidden gem.
We loved this place it was like a dream! Only one little mishap happened...our ferry was an hour and a half late and their hotel pickup was late we ended up getting a taxi that called to the hotel and they demanded they take us back down to get picked up by the hotel. They took us to the hotel and showed us to our room. We were all so amazed because of how gorgeous everything was. We had fresh made breakfast every morning. They helped up rent quads and get reservations made for restaurants and yacht trips. This hotel has the amazing view. It was on like the back side of Santorini, but it was still just as amazing. They cleaned our room everyday and the AC worked like a charm. I would highly recommend this place and if we every go back we will most definitely be going back to…
Georgis and Tanja were very nice and helpful Georgis picked us up from the airport and gave us some background info on the ride in.. the donkey took our luggage to our hotel which was entertaining... its quite a hike into the rental units but its a nice walk.. easy to find as you just follow the blue arrows. breakfast was a little different each day. It is about a 15 minute walk into town.. lots to do in town,.. great food and lots of cool shops.. the view from the end of town is with the walk...
The owners of the property really made the difference. They are so incredibly sweet and kind. The facility itself is not anything luxurious, however, its a lovely place to stay. We wanted to stay close to Oia without paying extortionate prices plus have some peace and quiet. Finikia, where the apartments are located, was just a 10-15 minute walk to Oia. Its in a very traditional neighborhood and absolutely adorable to walk through. It is a bit of a walk so if you have troubles climbing, it might be a bit tricky. George meets you at the parking lot to bring your luggage via a donkey which is so cool. The apartments themselves are very simple, nothing fancy but you have space to relax. We all loved it and are so happy we found that place. They bring you a simple breakfast every day and it was more than enough for us.